In Malaysia, there are only a few trees and plants that can be used as food, i.e. drumstick leaves are taken from drumstick tree. Agathi leaves are taken from agathi tree. Agathi leaves are rich in Vitamin E, have the properties to kill germs, bacteria, and clears poison.

If someone has cast eye on any of your siblings, they experience loss of appetite, indigestion, face looking tired and dull:

a) Boil a handful of agathi leaves in plain water or washed rice water.

b) Do not add salt

Drink once a week. The poison in the body will be removed and will lose it��s effect.

You can even give the boiled water to your children to drink.

Agathi leaves have the properties to balance excessive pitta in the body and is a cooling food. That is why our fore fathers consume agathi keerai when they break their fast during ��amavasya�� day. Agathi leaves are a must and should be eaten during amavasya day.

This is because the body gets heated up during fasting period and by taking the leaves, it will cool down the body. You can cook the leaves by frying it with grated coconut.

The leaves are rich in Vitamin A and are very good for the eyes. Therefore try to eat agathi leaves once a month or during amavasya fasting day or any other fasting days.

Besides the leaves, the flowers are also good to consume as it has many medicinal values. Agathi flowers are rich in iron.

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