15th April 09: PINEAPPLE
When removing the skins of a pineapple, also remove the brown spots and the stem as it will irritate the tongue if the brown spots and stem are eaten together with the fruit.Those who have menstrual problems, it is advised to eat one whole pineapple. Pineapple fruit is a heaty fruit and women are advised to consume pineapple during their monthly menstrual period to

a) regulate proper blood flow
b) easy release of dirty blood
c) to avoid and prevent cyst, fibroids and other menstrual related problems

By drinking pineapple juice every month during menstruation, it will help heal and cure cyst, fibroid and menstrual problems. However if your problems are in advance stage, you should consult a specialist as drinking pineapple juice will not heal your ovarian related problems.

Extract the juice and add honey and drink half glass during your monthly menstrual cycle. You can also consume pineapple as a salad. Cut pineapple into small pieces and add onions, green chilli and sugar. Try to eat pineapple fruit once a week

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