28th FEB 09: SIDDHA MEDICINEWomen who have gone through child birth must take care of their body by taking the right food and different type of medicines to stay strong and healthy. Some women consume herbal medicines as leyham (Leigiyam) or have it added as a spice ingredient in their daily cooking. Delivered women who are in confinement period should not eat spicy food. They must only eat free range chickens. Eating farm chickens are to be avoided as it lacks sufficient nutrients and are very fatty. Therefore cook free range chicken with a special masala which is a mix of many medicinal herbs. This herbs mixture can be bought in any Siddha medicine shop or consult an elderly person on how to prepare the medicinal herbs. These special herbs are good in a) Cleaning internal dirt b) Help remove and cure muscle pulls, crams and back problems.c) Increase body strength To notice or experience the effects of the herbs, you need to continuously consume it for 16 days. You not only regain your strength back but also able to heal internal wounds and cure gastric.

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