27th MARCH: NONI (Mengkudu)

Siddha of yesteryears have prescribed many types of herbs for newly delivered women to consume to prevent them from having side effects, sickness or diseases which can be caused by improper care after delivery.

who suffers from stomach pain or whose dirt are not completely removed during delivery can use below remedy to cure their related problems:
a) Boil noni leaves and drink the boiled water. The water is very effective in removing trapped dirt from the body.
b) Boil noni leaves and wash joint areas.

This is because newly delivered women usually suffer from joint pains. The boiled herbal liquid can either be consumed or used as a body wash.
If your spleen or liver is swollen, take a few large noni leaves and wrap around your waist with a thread before you go to sleep. Remove the leaves in the morning. The leaves have the power to reduce swelling.

Cut noni fruit into small pieces and extract the juice. Add brown sugar and water into the juice and consume the herbal liquid. The juice of the fruit helps remove dirt and has the tendency to kill bacterial infection in the intestines. Drink this herbal juice once a month. Both noni leaves and fruit are rich in antioxidant and each has the properties to kill bacteria and germs.

Mash the fruit with water and use it as a genital wash to wash wounds caused after delivery. All dirt and bacteria infection will be removed. Since noni leaves and its fruit have many medicinal values, try to grow this plant in your home and obtain the medicinal values from it.

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